Friday, 24 January 2014

The sneaky snake

The Snake year has been a sneaky cunning year that succeeded in making you happy one moment and sad the next moment. Really double headed snake. Even when I'm quietly minding my own business, I still got shot down and 'died' accidentally many times. So to me the snake year has got to be the shittiest year ever. And even though it's already at its tail end, it still didn't 放过我.  

A couple of nights ago, when I got back home from my grandaunt's funeral wake, I found that my father couldn't move one side of his body. The GP referred him to the A&E department which was so crowded. We waited for a couple hours for them to do tests on my father. At about 10pm the preliminary results were out and they suspected a mini stroke. They advised a couple of nights stay so they could do more tests. We waited until 2am and still there was no bed available. My father spent the night lying in proximity (not more than 50cm apart) along side with other patients all waiting for admission. They only managed to get him a bed the next morning. What a happening night. It brought back bad memories of the previous time I was at the A&E a few months ago until 2am too, accompanying my late friend who has since died from breast cancer. 

To cut the story short, my father is still in hospital doing more tests because different doctors have different diagnosis. At the same time, my cousin who is younger than me, had inflammation of the heart and has been staying in hospital for a few weeks. Right now her platelets are very low which may be dangerous. 

As I have blogged earlier, one grandaunt just died from a heart attack and another just discovered she has lung cancer. Another friend is also diagnosed with nose cancer. There are so many people who need help yet I cannot help, beyond my control. Yet obstacles keep manifesting continuously. I'm quite sad, disappointed and disheartened, spilled over from 2013. It's official. I hate 2013 the snake year. 

So since I'm in the hospital everyday, I went to donate blood at the Blood Bank yesterday. I am a regular donor. I'm an ideal candidate to donate blood because I'm healthy and strong, and the nurse said my vein is thick and deep and blood oozes out easily. I was done in 10 minutes. I can't save the lives of my loved ones, but at least my blood can save some other lives urgently. And didn't they say that 捐血可以化解血光之灾? But in the end, I guess kindness is what matters most.... to others... from others.... to ourselves... from ourselves. I believe, through the power of the Three Jewels, we can overcome our  perpetrators, be it internal or external. We just have to accept circumstances and strive hard to overcome all difficulties. Keep ourselves healthy so that we can take care of others who need help more. 

The horse is coming in a few days time (although CNY is on 31 Jan, officially the Horse year arrives on 4 Feb which is Li Chun). I'm going to gallop away from many unhappy events and memories of the sneaky snake. 

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