Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thank you, readers!

It's strange. Although I've not been blogging regularly anymore, I still get emails from readers. Recently there was Libby who chanced upon my blog and read my earlier post "有你的祝福, 没有过不去的苦"  and introduced herself as a Buddhist and semi vegetarian and hoped to connect with me.

Just a couple of days ago I received an email from a lady named Veronica who wanted to meet up with me. She said she is new in Tibetan Buddhism and wanted to learn from me over lunch.

On the same day the past Sunday, which was the last day of our grand puja event, a  devotee named Lynn approached me at my booth. She said she found my blog and has been reading it. I'm so touched. I've seen her before on and off during special events but didn't know she is my reader. This is my selfie with her. Thanks for introducing yourself Lynn! 

There was another devotee who introduced herself as Miss Lam, also approached my booth to make donations and to say hi. She said she is my reader too. Wow I'm beyond speechless and touched they still remember my little low profile blog here.  I'll try to blog more, hehe...

Over the years since I started my blog more than 10 years ago, I have made friends with my blog readers and fellow bloggers, especially Dharma friends, who have become friends.


Flowers for my readers. Thank you for your friendship.

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