Saturday, 23 September 2006

Piglet In A Basket

The Mid-Autumn Lantern Mooncake Festival is coming. While everywhere, hotels, restaurants and bakeries promote their delectable mooncakes, my only interest is for the other snack that is sold during this period. We called it the 'piglet in a basket' ("gee zai bang" in Cantonese). These biscuits are normally shaped like piggies and packed in bright red plastic baskets. These 'piglets' are actually made from the same pastry used for the outer crust of mooncakes.

I love the taste which is not too hard, a bit moist and fragrant, and while chewing, I normally like it to melt slowly in my mouth. That's testament to a well-made piglet. I remember when I was young, my mom will buy these for me and sis whenever this festival comes around. We don't really care about the becoming-more-and-more-expensive mooncakes which are simply too sweet and over-rated. We prefer the simpler, tastier and cheaper counterpart - The Piglet.

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