Friday, 22 September 2006

You are very special

TGIF! Been too lazy to post these 2 weeks... blah...

Tonight I went dinner at the newly built Old Tiong Bahru Market with sis and bro-in-law. Ordered local comfort food to share, like Hokkien Prawn Mee, Rojak with extra Century Egg, Lor-Mee and finished off with Chendol, the coconut dessert that tasted weird.

Anyway, while we waited for my Mom who went for her swimming lesson, we shopped at a tiny kawai shop that sold cute kiddy stuff. Bought a palm size little cute purple CareBear called Harmony Bear for my niece. This is because my nephew's birthday is coming, you see, and normally when I buy the birthday kid a gift, the other kid will also get a small gift too.

Now my niece simply lurve CareBears. So far I have bought her a hug-size Funshine Bear (yellow with bright sun on its tummy) and Love-Alot Bear (pink with rainbow on its tummy). My sis told me her girl will hug and play her 2 bears every morning when she wakes up before she goes to school. In her daily time-table to her mommy, she wrote: No.1 wake up No.2 Brush teeth No.3 Take care of BB...... (BB means her 2 Bear Bears).

I know she will love this new addition who has a smiling flower with different colored petals on its tummy. Harmony is purple and purple is one of my niece's favourite colour. Plus it speaks a-plenty when squeezed on its tummy.

"Hi friend, Harmony Bear here?"
"The fun lasts long when we all get along"
" I like everything about you"
"You are very special"

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