Monday, 13 November 2006

It was that bad ....

Was at IMM over the weekend with sis and bro-in-law and godbro. As it was dinner time, and crowded and we were in a rush to adjoin to Daiso (the huge $2 dollar mall), we settled for the almost empty Four Leaves Bakery & Cafe Restaurant. I am a regular patron for Four Leaves bread but the Cafe?

They were serving western set meals for $5.80 which comes with a drink too. Me and godbro chose the chicken cutlet set as the chicken chop set was out of stock. My sis and bro-in-law chose the grilled fish set as the fish & chips were out of stock. We happily waited for our dinner. When it finally came, we almost fell off our chairs. My chicken cutlet was a miserably piece of fried chicken about half the palm size, plus a small chunk of salad with a few strands of french fries soaked in full oily splendor. The grilled fish set was the same. I glanced over at the customer at the next table with his two thin sticks of kebab, dark and half burnt! I didn't even bother to think if they tasted juicy. And overheard at yet another table, a customer was muttering: "My God, I can even count the number of fries on my plate!"

A huge disappointment at our paltry food. We were grumbling we should have gone to Burger King next door with a FULL set meal at the same price! I will never patronise the Cafe again! And it shouldn't be called a Restaurant at all. They should just stick to their bread. Period.

P.S. I hope the owner of Four Leaves reads this, not because I am hoping for a free miserable meal, but because...... the food would have put anyone (chef or customer) to shame.

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