Sunday, 12 November 2006

Lha Bab Duchen

On Sunday was an awfully auspicious day for Buddhists. It was the day where Buddhists celebrate Buddha Shakyamuni's Descent from Tushita Heaven. Buddha's mother, Queen Mayadevi, had been reborn in Tushita heaven. To repay his mother's kindness, Buddhan went to Tushita to teach dharma to Mayadevi and other celestial beings. He remained there in Tushita for 3 months during the rainy season retreat. As a result of receiving the teachings, Mayadevi attained the realization of an arhat. Tibetans called this day Lha Bab Duchen. And anything positive or negative actions we do for this day will multiply 100 million times.

I woke up pretty early and attended a puja at 10am. It was the merits-increasing puja to Shakyamuni Buddha and the 16 Arhats. With this puja we call upon Shakyamuni Buddha and the 16 Arhats to continue to shower their compassion and protection upon sentient beings in samsara and ask them not to pass into Nirvana. We praise the Arhats and pray that they bless our glorious gurus with long lives and ask for their help so that the Dharma may flourish everywhere. There were huge trays of fruits, cookies, flowers, candles on
the altar. I offered a huge lamp offering (which will last for 3 days) to Buddha and pray for the health and happiness of all sentient beings, especially my family of the past lives, this life and future lives. I also pray for the removal of my personal obstacles and negative karma. I dedicated the merits of the puja especially to my mother. May she always be healthy and free from sickness.

Tayatha om muni muni maha muni shakyamuni ye soha!

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