Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Loving Lovers in Prague

I am currently watching korean drama "Lovers In Prague" on cable TV every Saturday night. It stars Jeon Do-yeon as the daughter of the Korean President, caught in a love triangle between a detective (Kim Joo-hyuk) and a rich man's son (Kim Min joon). I'm not like my aunts, who are crazy over K-dramas and will forgo sleep to rent/borrow/buy the whole series to watch from day to night for each drama. So I try to follow the series only on Saturday nights for a few weekends.

Somehow I quite like the storyline because of the actress who has a jovial cheerful character and the detective is quite cute too. Although actress Jeon Do-yeon is not what I consider a stunning beauty, but I like her good acting and her bright smile. Like what the detective boyfriend said of her in the show, "she is truly happy if her nose crinkles when she smiles".

I also watched her once in the 2005 movie "You Are My Sunshine" about a prostitute who falls in love with a simpleton and later found she has HIV. The intense chemistry between the two actors ensures that while the latter half of the film is nominally about AIDS and the high cost it extracts not just from its victims but from everyone close to them, it is far more a testament to the bond between lovers. A box office success in Korea, the film received 7 nominations for Korea's Blue Dragon Awards, winning for best director, best actor and best couple.

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