Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Being busy not starting anything!

Chinese New Year is coming. 11 more days to go and this year, I barely started anything in preparations - being busy at work, being busy considering my new job directions, being busy at dharma activities, being busy getting to know one or two friends better, being busy reading on fengshui fortunes for the year of the pig, being pre-occupied with one sticky problem at hand etc...

I have not started spring cleaning. I have not started buying CNY goodies and snacks, I have not started decorating my house or putting up the yearly fengshui ornaments. I have not started planning what to wear (although I have bought some run-of-the-mill new clothes).

Anyway!!! Nevertheless!! I feel great, after all the cleansing and being vegetarian for the past 2 weeks. Feel like I am ready to take on the whole shitty world!!!

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