Wednesday, 28 March 2007

My friend is changing bra size soon..

Got this email from Veg today ......

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I think I'll be changing my bra size soon.
No, not that I've decided to go for my much needed breast enhancement.

Yes, it's a God-answered prayer.
No, I didn't pray for bigger breast over night.
Yes, God is going to make my breast bigger ..... in preparation for motherhood (: >)

I'm about 8~9 weeks pregnant now. Went for my first Gyne visit yesterday. Baby is growing fine. Its about 28mm now. David and myself were really excited when we took our first look at the baby during the scan yesterday. Oh, I can't explain the feeling. Its like, 'There it is! Oh, look the heart beat ......'

Anyway, didnt feel too good for the past few weeks. Sleepy and tired, and couldn't stand the smell of cooking. So my beloved hubby has been staying late or waking up early to cook/plan for my daily meals. Further, I'm more emotional and cried easily. It must be pretty strenuous on him. He was concern and asked if I wanted to go back to Spore so that there is more help available. But I keep telling him its ok, better days are coming! I'm already feeling better, having adjusted to the hormones changes. I still cant cook, but can otherwise 'function properly'.

Ethan has been a little angel, very helpful and understanding that I'm not in the physical mood to play with him like before. He is excited about the baby too.

Do pray for God's hand on the continual of healthy development of the baby, and His guidance and wisdom for me to be preparing my body for the pregnancy and mothering of Ethan at the same time.

Thank you!
Blessed Mum-to-be

So we gonna have a little piggy baby to play with this year!

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