Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Good bye, Dr Ong!

Yesterday had a painful sore throat. Went to see my regular GP. So sad to learn that Dr Ong has already retired. In place of him was a handsome young doctor. Somehow I felt a little sad, because the thought of not being able to see Dr Ong again, somehow made me sad. He always has a kind concerned word for me whenever I am sick. And he is the only doctor who knows I have that many drug allergies. Any mis-prescription will end up with me having two panda swollen red eyes that cannot open. I remember the numerous times Dr Ong had to give me an immediate jab to prevent my eyes from ballooning.

He was part of my childhood, because he is my neighbourhood doctor. I have been seeing them eversince I was a kid. Thats why somehow I feel sad. Anyway, take care, Dr Ong!

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