Thursday, 22 March 2007

Special dream

Few nights ago I had a dream. I was inside this huge convention building with many exhibition halls and conference rooms throughout various floors. There were many people walking around. Even the rooms were fully filled.

I entered one room. There were a number of women there, mostly were in their 30s to 50s, chatting and seemed to be preparing for some session. I saw my Aunt Amanda there. As I approached her, she was holding in her hands some colourful cloth in red, blue, green, white and yellow, all rolled up. There were a few women there who were holding the colourful cloth too. I think they were wondering what to do with the cloth.
As I took a closer look, I suddenly realised that they were Tibetan prayer flags! The five colours have many meanings in Tibetan Buddhism. They can represent the five directions, the five physical elements, the five wisdoms, the five meditation Buddhas, the five mental attributes, or the five realms of existence with blue sky, white cloud, red fire, green water, and yellow earth.

I showed the women how the prayer flags were to be hanged high up in the ceiling. Everyone started to hang up the flags and the entire room transformed eventually into wonderful displays of prayers and colours. Stringing Buddhist Prayer Flags is thought to be beneficial for all beings in the immediate area, and to benefit the karma of the individual who hangs the flags. I felt so happy seeing that, and especially since Aunt Amanda is in real life recuperating from cancer.

Then as I proceeded to roam the other rooms, walking along the aisles and walkways, I came across a group of lamas (Tibetan monks) sitting and standing around a huge table. On the table were many small dharma pills, each packed in tiny red and yellow cloth. I was amazed at the sight of the mountain of the dharma pills stacked up high. According to Guru Padmasambhava, whoever consumes the properly prepared dharma pills will be blessed both physically and spiritually. These pills can purify one's negative karmic forces and arouse the mind towards the Dharma. They can prevent epidemic disease, poison, illness etc. and remove all kind of obstacles such as curses and black magic.

Just as I continued my way, my colleague Mr J, came up to me from behind, and quickly shoved into my palm 3 pieces of the dharma pills I just saw. I was surprised yet pleased. Then we proceeded to a meeting supposedly a Microsoft event in another room. The rest of the dream is non-descript.

I am not sure of the meaning of this dream but the mere sightings of the prayer flags, the lamas, and the dharma pills, already made me as happy as a lark!

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  1. wow, you have auspicious dream indeed. I like those colourful prayer flags. :) I was searching about Lama Konchog and bumped into your site. Read a couple of your entries and realised that you are really into buddhism too. So just wanted to drop you a note and say hi. :)


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