Saturday, 24 March 2007

Have Junk, Must Sell!

Recently been doing some sales of my unwanted stuff online. Didn't know that my junk can actually fetch me some coffee money, some taxi money, some makan money, and most importantly, rid my unwanted rubbish at home!!!

After the CNY while doing springcleaning, found that I have so many unwanted items in my posssession that I no longer need. Even those that were precious items to me last time, seemed to have lost their sentimental value to me, meaning I don't feel anything about them anymore. So since I feel absolutely zilch over them, why not sell them online? Make someone else happy.

So far I have sold a few Lillian Too books, an OSIM massager, an electronic facial washer, a tripod stand, a comics book, and another book "Eat Right For Your Type" etc etc.... I have about 400 CDs to sell, some VCDs, a bed, many books ranging from fengshui, astrology, buddhism, self-help, non-fiction, autobiographies and many others which I am still unaware of.... and also a few mobile phones to sell, some precious stones.... I think I have many many items which I have not found, hiding in all corners of my house, I am sure there will be many which I can sell. Just give me some time, to dig them out, take photo of the items, and then I will post them up!

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