Monday, 21 May 2007

Living among us

Interview with 4-year-old Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche, through a translater, excerpts from Tashi Delek newsletter from ABC :

Do you recognise any of your old students, Rinpoche?
Recognised... just by seeing their ears, eyes and limbs, I can recognise. When they came to talk to me, I recognised who they are. But when they talk sometimes they are very noisy. Sometimes they didn't do what I said.

Do you have any advise for your students? 

Must practise Dharma, must practise for all sentient beings. If human beings don't do good - very bad. Especially those who hurt animals - very bad. If you tear the skin and bones, take the tail out, take the legs out - very bad. (Rinpoche illustrates by vigorously manipulating the movables parts of a toy dinosaur). If you hurt sentient beings, I will punish. (He illustrates very graphically and vigorously again with the toy dinosaur.) You will be born with the tail and head upside down, the legs and hands inside out, and your skin will fall off. (There is no mistaking what he means from looking at the contorted dinosaur.)

More excerpts from WOFS magazine article, written by Lillian Too, when little Rinpoche stayed at her house in KL after his Singapore trip:
"For me personally, Little Phuntsok Rinpoche's visit was an incredibly blissful experience, for I had known and loved the little boy in his previous life. His passing on has saddened us all for as Geshe Lama Konchog, he was much loved and revered. When his body was offered to the fire after his passing, thousands of pearl and gemstone relics left behind stunned us all. Few of us realised we had had a Living Buddha in our midst!"

"How could we have known? Geshela had been so humble and low key. It was only when the relics appeared when the monks were gathering the ashes after the cremation that word spread, for the Tibetans believe that only enlightened beings leave behind relics."

"There were so many incredible relics. Imagine staying intact after the tremendous heat of a cremation fire. Geshela's eyes, heart and tongue did not burn but has instead transformed into relics. The tongue showed the outline of Goddess Tara."

"Eight years ago, I had invited Geshela to my house to consecrate a stupa. Geshela agreed to come but we could not get a visa for him to enter Malaysia. Geshela had promised me that 'one day' he would come to my house. Before that could happen, he passed on. But he kept his promise - for now he has come to visit me wearing his new body!"

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