Monday, 21 May 2007

What is the meaning of "drunk"?

My sis got a call from my 5-year-old nephew's Speech & Drama teacher today. She was relating to sis that during the drama class today, when she asked the class if anyone knew the meaning of "drunk". No kid raised their hand except Nephew, very excitedly.

"Teacher, I know! Drunk means that one girl one boy drink and go to bed to sleep together but when they woke up, they don't love each other anymore." Nephew said nonchalantly.

Teacher was so stunned "How did you know?"

"I saw it from TV lor." Nephew flashed his excited grin.

Teacher told my sis she could not believe a 5 year old child could relate that and technically speaking, he was right, Teacher said. I'm kinda proud of this cheeky boy, you know. Haha!

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