Wednesday, 2 May 2007

See you soon, Rinpoche!

On 1 May, Labour Day, I went to Changi Airport to send my guru off. This was a rare chance to be close and personal with His Holiness 101st Gaden Tripa Rinpoche. He was invited by Taiwan to visit before flying back to his residence in France.

Rinpoche was full of cheer as he smile broadly to everyone who came to see him. He looked so relaxed and happy. It was frankly quite a contrast to his serious manner during the pujas and public events for the past one month. He blessed everyone who offered him kata, and obliged with photo taking too. Besides blessing me on the head, he even held my hand when he just arrived and whispered something in Tibetan to me (wish I knew what he said, I think it was a prayer). This was a rare opportunity as I also got my photo taken with him ! And thus planted the seed to meet Rinpoche not just in this lifetime but even in future lifetimes! This affinity is what I truly treasure most. Rinpoche is the Supreme Head of the Gelug lineage and literally the throne holder of Tushita Pureland. I hope to see my guru very soon again! (please click on the photo to see Rinpoche's broad smiles clearly).

"O glorious and precious root guru,
Please bless me to be able to practise in this way.
From now on, in all my future lifetimes,
May I be able to devote myself to the guru like this."

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