Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I Aspire 2b One

Now I can be very mobile with the 8.9" Acer Aspire One. I can carry it around at work and outside meeting clients and at home. I would not want to lug around a heavy 12" 14" 15" laptop if I have to travel everyday from my home to timbaktu. And I don't have to use the huge 17" monitor and old CPU in the office anymore. This is just one of the working "tools" I need for me to work more efficiently. I hope my company knows that and be more flexible and more appreciative towards the efforts of the staff who are working hard. I know many companies tend to cut costs and to take advantage of their staff or try to be petty over the necessary tools that are being needed. For example, in order for a sales person to be able to meet more clients, the company should not bulk at the high travel expense claim at the end of the month. The company should just either compensate claim-as-you-incur or give a reasonable amount of transport allowance, and not nitpick at every single cent incurred. Look at the big picture, then only will your company succeed.

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