Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Taiwanese snacks

My mom bought back from Kinmen and Taipei lots of snacks. The Taiwanese local products are numerous. They are famous for their pineapple cakes "Huang Li Su". My mom bought back many types and brands. My favourite is the pineapple cakes in clear plastic bag, which are vegetarian. There was also their version of mooncakes.

Also they are famous for their noodles, in chinese we call them "mian sian", in hokkien we call them "mee sua". Taiwan is famous for their oyster mee sua, which are oodles of noodles cooked in starchy soup with oysters and meat, with a dash of vinegar. Mom bought 3 different types of mee sua, one thin one, one even thinner one and one flat one. If you squint your eyes close enough, you can differentiate the 3. :p

Another interesting thing my mom brought back was the different types of fermented stuff, like fermented bean curd, fried gluten with peanuts in soy sauce, and hot bean paste. All these are what we sometimes take together with plain porridge. These stuff are available in Singapore but the ones mom bought tasted really different and they were nice.

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