Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kopi or me?

Once upon a time, I was a coffee addict. Last time, I would take a cup of black coffee in the morning, followed by another cup of Kopi-C when I reached office. After lunch, I would normally drink another cuppa. Sometimes when the craving comes, even late afternoon or whenever I am out, I have coffee during tea time. Each day I can have an average of 4 cups.

Nowadays, I cannot do that anymore. I only contain myself to drink one or two cups in the morning. I try not to have any after lunch onwards. The sole reason is I will not be able to sleep in the night if I have even a sip in the afternoon! It has happened many times, that I have counted sheep in the night into the wee hours of dawn. By morning I would wake up totally shagged and totally sleep deprived. I wonder why the power of caffeine takes its toil on me the older I get. So, as much as I love coffee, and still does, I can only have it in moderation now.

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