Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Kyabje Lati Rinpoche Out of Thugdam

Just received latest news from the Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling:

Our dearest Guru, Lati Rinpoche has come out of meditation at 10+ am just now. Attendants and students will bring Rinpoche back to Mundgod, South India to Gaden Shartse Monastery tomorrow. It will be Rinpoche's final journey back to his monastery in this lifetime. The fire puja is estimated to be held on 18th April this Sunday (to be re-confirmed).

We will also continue our Guru Puja & Tsog Offerings every evening 12 April to 18 April at 7.30pm until this Sunday. If you would like to plant the seed of connection with Lati Rinpoche and would like to pay your last respect to him, please join DPL for the prayers any evening from now till 18 April. Let's continue to pray for Rinpoche's swift swift return!

The first group of DPL members is leaving tonight to India and the second group will leave urgently tomorrow evening. If you have anything or offerings for DPL to bring over to India, do feel free to drop by DPL as soon as possible. Do call 63449521 for more details.

Om mani padme hum!!!!

12 Guillemard Lane
(near former Badminton Hall)
Singapore 399878.

Above photos copyright and courtesy of Gaden Shartse Dro-phenling, taken during the Maitreya Buddha Grand Puja event in Suntec City, Singapore, Nov 2008.

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