Saturday, 21 January 2012

Everyone's double rainbow on 21 Jan 2012 (collection of photos)

This evening, on the eve of CNY eve, at around 7pm, after the heavy downpour, a double rainbow appeared. Everyone in my Facebook and Twitter timeline started posting photos of the auspicious rainbow.  

Celebrity Nadya Hutalagung tweeted, "Seems that the whole of Singapore was treated to the gorgeous double rainbows today... a reminder that life is AMAZING."

Geomancer Master Tan Khoon Yong said, "第一次看到双彩红。虽不明显,这是旺年象征." 

Patricia Lee, Centre Manager of Amitabha Buddhist Centre said, "Double rainbow appeared shortly after the Dzambhala Puja conducted by Khen Rinpoche and monks and nuns from Kopan", at the Jade Buddha Exhibition.

And for once, I agree with what @Xiaxue said, "Love all the Singaporeans' happy tweets about the rainbow today. We should all be united in counting blessings like these, instead of whining." 

To me, double rainbows are doubly auspicious. Read my previous post on the meaning of double rainbow.  May everyone who saw the rainbow as well as those who didn't, be blessed with the arrival of the lunar new year. We are very blessed in Singapore, you know that?

Here is the double rainbow captured by everyone this evening (credits at the bottom of each photo). 

Shen Shi'an
Goh Weixiang
Bob Lee
Eugene Teh
Christina Koh
Nadya Hutalagung
Hairunizam Abdul Radir
Patricia Lee
Pearl Chan
Lee Yue Heng
Mathew Lwee
                     Master Tan Khoon Yong
Wee Heng
Noel Ong


  1. Awesome! What a blessing. Gong hay fat choi, as they say. Happy New Year! We'll do it all again in February, ok? : )

  2. All very nicely taken.
    Happy New Year! =)


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