Tuesday, 31 July 2012

三菜一汤 using 4 types of mushrooms and Happy Call Pan

It's been a while since I last made a 三菜一汤 (3 dishes and 1 soup) dinner. The other day when I was off work, I decided to cook dinner for my parents. Usually my mom cooks for me or we had packed food from outside. I was missing homecooked food after a couple of weeks of late nights and missing dinner at home.  I am using the Happy Call Pan again. 

Minced Pork Egg Tofu with Button Mushrooms
I cooked this dish after seeing Aroma Cookery's version in Instagram. First, marinate the minced pork for at least one hour or more with light soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil, corn flour.  When it is time to cook, fry chopped garlic in the HCP and then add the minced pork, fry till almost cooked, then add button mushrooms and egg tofu.  Stir fry for a minute before adding some water, followed by salt to taste. Let it simmer for a while inside the HCP. Then mix in corn flour mixed with water and stir fry a couple of times and the dish is ready. I need not add too much condiments as the minced pork is already marinated and sufficiently salty. 

Nai Pak with Pumpkin and Chinese Mushrooms
I love Nai Pak. I will not miss preparing a dish of greens whenever I cook. Decided to add pumpkin to my nai pak this time.  First I cut a slice of pumpkin into cube size. Then throw them into the HCP.  After about 4 minutes, take out the pumpkin.  Next, again fry chopped garlic, followed by frying the chinese mushrooms, adding the nai pak, with light soya sauce, sugar, salt, add water.  Just as it is almost ready, add in the pumpkin pieces and toss a couple of times. Again mix in corn flour with water and stir fry till it is ready.

Fried Sausage Egg
I like my eggs and often just try different variations of fried egg with different ingredients. This time I added pieces of onion sausage with cheese. It would have been even better if I had added fried onions and frying till golden brown before pouring the beaten eggs with sausages into the HCP.  Let it cook in low heat, flip and toss the HCP from time to time so that both sides of the fried egg will be evenly cooked.  I love the good looking egg this, the shape of the HCP. 

Mushroom Egg Drop Soup 
I absolutely love this delicious soup following the recipe by Wokkingmum.  It is a fast and quick way to prepare soup. I usually miss my soup badly after prolonged period of about a week.  So this is a fast solution to my craving. This soup simply uses enoki mushroom, crabsticks, and shitake mushrooms and beaten egg. It looks awesome too. If we add a dash of vinegar, it will taste almost like sharksfin soup or crab soup. Check out Wokkingmum's recipe for details.

How do you like my 三菜一汤 recommendation? I love my healthy simple dinner with 4 different types of mushrooms.


  1. I must learn to cook these dishes using my HCP.

  2. all these look great! I love nai pak too which is our must have at least once a week and adding in pumpkin is sure something worth trying :)

  3. I read one of them as "pork egg" and had to laugh. Pork egg? : )


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