Sunday, 8 July 2012

The transformer bag

My sis got me this bag for my birthday. It's a transformer bag, meaning it can be transformed into 3 different designs and shapes, as and when I like it.  It's called the 3-Way Transformer, a multi-tasking bag which can easily transforms from a document bag to a Boston bag, and then to a shopping tote with a couple of folds and the clicks of a few buttons.  Ingenious invention!  

Quite suitable for me because I am quite fickle with bags. Most of the time, I need a Boston bag, small and petite. Other times, when I have some A4 files to carry along with me, it can become a flatter document bag. I can even squeeze in a laptop or iPad. If I buy some stuff, it can convert into a shopping tote bag. As it comes in a longer strap, I can also wear it as a medium-sized reporter bag.  And it is a colour which I like. 

Thanks, sis! 


  1. Hi, where to buy this bag? What is the brand? Thanks.

  2. It's Renoma. I think most Dept stores will have it ;)


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