Sunday, 5 August 2012

Busy busy busy bee!

I'm so crazily busy these couple of weeks that I hardly have time to sleep, much less to blog. Waking up automatically at 5am every morning doesn't help either. Many outstanding things to settle and the list of to-dos keeps getting longer. Whirlwind period. But I'm so happy and excited that the Healing Lama is arriving early morning in a day's time. (Sorry to some readers I've no time to reply your emails yet).

It's been a long time since I feel that kind of adrenaline rush, that kind of urgency in completing tasks, and the kick of seeing things come to fruition. During a meeting with an important person, someone was surprised I could talk to that person well and complimented me afterwards. My reply was, "I've no problem in meetings, talk only what....". Talk is cheap. It's so corporate world, something which I am not a stranger to but not something which I miss as well. Welcome back to the (degenerating) business world. What I learnt from the past I now have to put to practice again, with newfound wisdom and realisation.  

Although it's still a long way to accomplish what I need to do, what is important is doing something with a sincere heart. Like what we learn in our Dharma practice, the motivation of what we do or intend to do is of the utmost importance. This is because if we do something with ill intentions, nothing will come out of it, even if we have succeeded at first. I've seen so many real life examples and I have met many kinds of characters that I can easily, instantly read their intentions. However, I usually let them carry on their acts. Kind of tired revealing people. As long as they don't harm others, they can carry on lying to me. I'm not bothered.  

I only know that whatever I do now, whether working or volunteering, or merely writing, is to benefit others. Don't mean to sound noble, but as long I keep reminding myself this and drumming it into my head, I believe I won't go off tangent. Grateful for the help from others along the way too. Blessings all around. 

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  1. Yeahh I can totally see u are leading a totally v meaningful 24 hour life these days!!!! So, have u thought of ur max 1 min speech..


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