Saturday, 1 September 2012

Break loose, Breadtalk

Breadtalk Shanghai
A former classmate of mine is based in Shanghai. Being Singaporean, she buys bread from Breadtalk, a Singaporean bakery with a branch in Shanghai almost everyday. Currently Breadtalk has 123 shops in China. 

My friend related her experience in Facebook recently.... 

She was number 2 in the queue waiting to pay. As usual, there were a lot of people cutting queue. 

When it was her turn, this was her conversation with the cashier: 

Friend: 请问,不需要排队付钱吧? Excuse me, don't we need to queue? 

Cashier: 要的! YES! 

Friend: 那你们为什么一直服务插队的人?Why do you service those who cut queue first?

Cashier: 她们要插队我能怎样?There is nothing I can do! 

Friend: 你应该维持次序! You can help with maintaining order! 

Cashier: 来我们这里买东西的就是素质差!Those who buy from us are uncivilized people!

My friend was utterly pissed and disgusted especially since Breadtalk is a Singaporean brand name. She asked since she purchases from Breadtalk almost every other day, if she was also considered one of those "uncivilised people" which the Breadtalk staff has rudely classify its customers as. 

By the way, my friend is going to boycott Breadtalk China from now on. I hope Mr George Quek, the big boss of Breadtalk, will look into this matter.  


  1. What disgraceful behaviour! I certainly hope your friend reported this treatment to the management!

  2. That last comment from the cashier is atrocious -.-


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