Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hot Spot Tom Yam.... yum yum yum....

Discovered a very nice place for Tom Yam soup. Next to Sim Lim Square over at Burlington Square, Hot Spot is a shop selling a wide variety of dishes, and it is a draw with lunch time crowd.  And the most popular item in the menu is definitely the Tom Yam soup. You could choose from the variety of noodles or rice to go with your Tom Yam soup. There are thin and thick vermicelli, Ee Mian, instant noodles, rice vermicelli, mee sua, ban mian, mee hoon kueh and all sorts of noodles that you are spoilt for choice. 
I chose my Tom Yam with instant noodles for the first time. The Tom Yam soup is so robust and thick. They called it the Northern Thai Tom Yam. A little milky and spicy, it is very good for cool and rainy weather (it happened  to be cool and breezy that day).  For $4.50 a bowl, they were pretty generous with the ingredients; big prawns, sotong, fish slices, tofu, tomatos, onions and I even sighted a tony piece of lime skin. It was such a satisfying lunch. It was no wonder there is perenially a long queue during lunch time. A value for money lunch with good quality Tom Yam. 

If you do not have time to queue, another dish you can order from the menu and be served, is the Hot Pot Lou Shu Fun Soup (silver needle noodles) or in Teochew we called it Mee Tai Bak. It was the first time I had Mee Tai Bak over a hot pot and I must say it tasted different from the usual served-in-a-bowl.  Throwing in a little red cut chilli into the soup, the broth is so refreshing and light, yet with the sweetness of the ingredients like prawns, minced meat, and mushroom. 

There are many other dishes you can choose from but be ready to queue at least 30 minutes for the Tom Yam and Fish Slice soup. I heard the Fish Head Steamboat is highly recommended too.  

Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant 
Burlington Square
175 Bencoolen Street #01-34
Singapore 189649.
Tel: 6238 7038

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