Friday, 5 October 2012

Sighting suffering

Some random snapshots I took recently along the streets in Singapore. It is sad I always get to witness how life is suffering but grateful at the same time to know I am very fortunate and blessed. 
Somewhere in a carpark in Kallang. This old lady with a hunchback could hardly walk and took a few minutes to take a step. She asked me to help her with her trolley bag.  
This lady is not that old, but she has a hunchback.  All bent over, she was playing the electronic organ on a overhead bridge at Katong in the middle of the afternoon, with the hot blistering sun on her.  
It was quite a cute sight seeing this old man riding a mobile bike at a MRT station in Eunos.  At least his mobility is enhanced. I always find it sad that the elderly are constrained by their lack of mobility, due to weak legs or inconvenient movement. 
Somewhere in Marina Bay Sands early one morning, sighted this man sleeping outside the shopping mall.  If he had won money at the casino he would not be sleeping here in this state. 
I am full of respect for this old uncle selling newspapers at the roadside somewhere in Guillemard. His makeshift booth is covered with a shield.  Come rain or shine, he would still be selling his newspapers at this spot. 

My heart went out to this very tiny old lady, hunchback squatted on the landing of an overhead bridge in Chinatown. She was picking and finding some useful items in the rubbish bin and tying them into a rolled up plastic bag. 

Observing all the suffering of different levels all around me, always make me more determined to do better, to behave better, to practice better, to be a better human being. Even though I may not be able to help these people much, I hope I can do so in the very near future, or future lifetimes.  Om mani padme hum.

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