Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Secret poison arrows!

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been suffering from back pain at the neck/shoulder/upper-back area for a few weeks. I could not turn to my right when I sleep because the pain is killing me. No matter what treatment I did, it keeps coming back again and again. In fact this happens quite regularly. Sometimes it gets better but then it will come back again in a couple of weeks.  And the pain is always from my right side.  

Today, I was sitting in my office room doing work, and as I turned right to look behind me, it suddenly occurred to me when I noticed the open shelves on the wall. They have sharp edges pointing towards me.  Although I have been a long time believer of fengshui, I am not aware that the cause of my back pain may be due to bad fengshui!

What is bad fengshui? Bad fengshui is the 'shar qi' (killing breath) and every school of fengshui has warned against being hit by the shar qi of secret poison arrows within our surrounding which can bring deadly, invisible and negative energy. These usually come in the form of straight lines, sharp angles, or anything that is shaped this way. When pointed in a threatening manner at you, the result can be extreme bad luck, loss and ill health. 

When practicing fengshui, it is advisable to guard against the killing breath. Only then should you turn your attention to harnessing good qi flows. Irrespective of all auspicious orientations, a single deadly arrow can spoil everything. So the open shelves are like blades, cutting at my direction from the back. 

How do we counter poison arrows? 
  • Wind chimes
  • Plants
  • Screens
  • Drapes
  • Mirrors
Although the poison arrows may not be the main cause of my back pain, I am sure it is one of the contributing factors to my problem. Now I need to think of a way to resolve this bad fengshui problem! Perhaps shifting my desk/room layout. (Kicking myself for overlooking this in the first place!).

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