Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bleeding heart

Familiar places became a stoic past. 
Enamoured faces replaced with impassive aloofness. 
Intense feelings beget emptiness. 
Even as the deep hurt could not be erased completely, 
The causes should not be completely ignored. 
Compassion and clinging often intertwined. 
External struggles a losing game to the bleeding heart. 
The innermost world, however, remained unfettered. 
A voyeur of the past, embrace this moment. 

Post note: 
Wrote the above during the wee hours of morning of a working day and a stressful week and a hectic period. One of those times when I become inspirational and 'poetic'. Incidentally, these heart-shaped flowers I fancy are known as 'bleeding hearts', and they are poisonous. No one knows our own struggles better than us. Thus we alone are responsible to find the solution to our bleeding poisoned heart. No one else. 

In addition, as a reminder to myself.... always believe in the truth. My guru Dagyab Rinpoche says, practising Bodhicitta shouldn't make you weak or foolish. It should make you strong. In order to be strong, you need to be indestructible. If you're right, you're right. If you think you've been hurt or wronged, you can always challenge it. However you need to have a calm peaceful mind and not destroy your own composure.

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