Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Winding up 2014

I guess I'm on time in wrapping up this year (last year I dilly dallied my 2013 review until 12 Jan 2013). I won't go into detail how 2014 was. I will try to keep this short and bittersweet. 

What a hell-uva year. 

1. Life, interrupted.
The most stressful year in my life, disrupted by my father's bad fall at the beginning of this year, which made him unable to walk normally again and drastic deteriorated health. Now our family life centers around taking care of him. Total loss of freedom. A few hospital admissions, and numerous A&E visits and follow-ups, we lost track of how many times we visited the hospital. Huge dosage of medicine daily. Constant standby and looking out for infections. His condition has improved but will never be his normal self again. 
Also, lost 2 aunts, a cousin younger than me, and another friend to heart attack and cancer. When I think of their sudden departure, it somehow makes me treasure my ailing father.  As I see his life drifting away, I want to be there for him during the last leg of his life, no matter how tough it is.

2.  She's 90!

Celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday, the biggest celebration this year. I am happy she looks happy and calm and that she still remembers me. May my grandma remain in good health and bliss.  

3. The unspoken.
Made new friends, lost some (sort of). This year, I realise everyone needs a listening ear. That is the reason why each of us sought out friends, to have someone to listen to our problems.  I had this happen to me all the time, friends who ask me out because they need a listening ear/confidante/venting machine. It's good to catch up and mostly, I don't mind being the brunt of their frustrations and verbal diarrhea. However sometimes, I am exasperated that I just want to block out everything I hear, so instead I go out with those friends who like to eat and enjoy a happy relaxing time. Food is music for the soul, no? Haha.

4. Happy times
Group gatherings can be fun, basically chilling out doing whatever activity together and just bonding.  Sometimes I prefer the sessions to be one to one /two, so then can really get to know the person/s better. 

5. We still need to eat. 
Some people complain I post too much food.  I am at the age where I don't care what other people say anymore, just be happy with what I do. Posting stuff online allows me to retrieve/search for them easily when I need to. I still have not learn how to bake, even though I cook a lot.  I like to grill meats and veggies, and boil soups. Also tried to cook more wet dishes so that it is more palatable for my father to chew, like steamed chicken in chicken essence, my multi-ingredients porridge, my first time cooking almost-authentic ramen and also lots of soup dishes and steamboat. 


6.  Lost it.
Just before the year ends, I lost something through my reckless mistake and ignorance. It's a blind stupidity year. It is not convenient to reveal here and something which I will keep to myself. It may not be something significant to everyone, but it is important to me. I lost sleep over the matter for a couple of days. Anyway, it is something material which I will probably get over it in time. It taught me a precious hard lesson though and I will never forget it. All I can say is, I hope justice is served one day. 

7. No regrets
I have said it before and I will repeat again. Despite all the trials and tribulations, I am glad that I am fortunate/blessed enough to meet the Dharma; all the gurus, the teachings and so many spiritual friends whom I learn alot from. Maybe because I am trouble-ridden these few years, it made me appreciate even more that Dharma can help me overcome all the negativities and a tired mind. Or at least I try to view all problems and solve them from the Dharma perspective.

8.  Non existent
Didn't blog much this year. In fact, my blog just past the 10th year mark. A DECADE. 10 years of blogging, and boy, maybe I have become tired.  One thing about blogging, is that I almost never go back to re-read my previous posts. I don't know why, I find it squeamish. I am not sure where this blog will be heading, but I know I will still be hanging around in social media.

So, there. Not a spectacuIar year. Have not travelled too. Missed a work trip to Japan. Missed another trip to India. But no regrets. I have had special moments too, which warmed my heart and which I will treasure forever. 

I will end with this quote which sums up how I feel about 2014. 






No matter how you feel at certain point, be it happiness or sadness, it will soon be just a memory, a dream. So why hold on to such emotions? For it, too, shall pass. 


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  1. Thank you for being my friend ! =)
    Happy 2015, and good health and happiness to you and your family.


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