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Dagyab Rinpoche is coming and Grand Puja at MBS 28 Feb & 1 Mar 2015

My dearest teacher is coming to Singapore again!  After one whole year, the popular Grand Puja @ MBS which everyone is waiting for is here again, happening this coming weekend!  Exciting weekend ahead! 

White Umbrella Goddess Demon-Subduing Grand Puja
Pacify major obstacles, demonic forces & supernatural harassment. Those who own the White Umbrella Goddess khorlos may bring it along for recharge of blessings.

28/2/15 (Sat) 10:00am to 12:30pm

This grand puja is a ritual based on the practice of the White Umbrella Goddess, and is one of the most powerful and sacred puja amongst various Buddhist rituals.  One procedure of this ritual is to consecrate and offer tormas (ritual cakes) to counterattack negative forces such as illnesses, mental disturbances, disputes, enmities, defilements, misfortune, premature death, factors against congenial surroundings and 84,000 bad forces. Hence, this puja is named DUKAR TORTHOG in Tibetan, literally meaning - counterattacking negativities through torma offerings.

By this ritual, we drive away all harms and evils by the blessings of the White Umbrella Goddess and her surrounding deities in the form of tormas (one big torma in the middle representing the Goddess, and surrounded by 33 white flags representing the deities). More than 30 different kinds of ingredients are required for this puja - whereby it serves to offer to specific deities, and seek their protection for different kinds of obstacles. By participating in this puja, one gains the protection from dangers of fire, water, weapons, poisons, malediction, untoward accidents and untimely death. It also pacifies the chances of epidemics, harmful spells, contagious diseases, conflicts and wars. In addition, we also receive the benefit and protective care of a myriad of divine guardians and goddesses.

During the puja, visualize all your obstacles & negativity of your past & present lives are being taken away by the substitute figurine. Throw away your shirt symbolic of obstacle-clearing, and generate in your mind infinite food and money offerings to offer to all your debtors. Once the substitute is being sent out, think you have no more relationship with all these supernatural beings, and all your obstacles are ceased.

Cittamani Tara Grand Cleansing Puja of Immediate Rescue from Poor Health & Danger

28/2/15 (Sat) 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Cittamani Tara Blessing Initiation

28/2/15 (Sat) 7:30pm to 9:30pm

The Cittamani Tara practice is a special method of Tibetan Buddhism to dissipate interferences and to liberate all living beings from any form of fear or danger. And this grand puja is the most extensive ritual amongst all healing pujas, to alleviate the sufferings and bestow blessings to aid recovery of all patients.

This Cittamani Tara Grand Cleansing Puja is especially conducted for people whose force of bad karma is very great. When bad karma ripens, many obstacles arise and we face various problems in our career, family, things do not go smoothly for us in various aspects, and the most disturbing of all is none other than that of our health problems. When the negative karma is heavy and strong, then the obstacle that manifests from its ripening is greater. We require the huge merit and blessings of our daily practice and pujas to overcome all our hindrances.

This puja is especially beneficial towards the purification of the 4 types of obstacles mentioned below:
  1. Serious illnesses, including prolonged medical conditions and strange diseases which doctors are unable to treat / diagnose
  2. Curses and other unorthodox methods / negative actions to instill harm done onto you
  3. Black magic, witchcraft, evil spells
  4. Offended nagas, Landlord Gods and other worldly gods or protectors

The merit and power of this grand puja is inconceivable. It helps us to avoid all sufferings of the health, stay peaceful, auspicious and healthy; and even for patients on the verge of dying, this puja can instantly bring you to safety – just like how a miraculous force of power saves you from falling to your death from a cliff. Unless all conditions for death has fully ripened, otherwise under other circumstances of death due to exhaustion of merit, or premature death, this puja is certain to aid significantly in recovery and redeem back one’s life. In case where the person cannot be saved, especially those who have committed heavy bad karma to be reborn in the animal realm, this puja can help save them from the lower realm rebirths.

This puja text is a ritual from Tantric practice and requires an elaborate set of torma (ritual cakes), human effigies made from dough, special puja offerings and other necessary items to be used during the ritual. And together with chanting of secret mantras and performing mudras, this puja is very powerful.

Cittamani Tara, the Wish Fulfilling Mother, is the embodiment of the heart-jewel wisdom and energy of the Buddha. Of the various types of Tara practice, Cittamani Tara is a unique practice of the Highest Yoga Tantra class, which possesses the heart-jewel method of developing the five deep awareness, or Buddha-Wisdoms. It has a special efficacy for developing the wisdoms of accomplishing activities and overcoming outer and inner obstacles in one's lifespan, clearing obstructions in the path to enlightenment. We are fortunate that H.E. Dagyab Rinpoche has compassionately agreed to bestow upon us the blessing jenang initiation of this practice to all of us.

The Elements Cleansing Healing Grand Puja is ranked second class amongst all healing pujas in Tibetan Buddhism, and Cittamani Tara Grand Cleansing Puja belongs to the first class of healing rituals. These two grand pujas are considered to be the two most beneficial pujas effective and most helpful for the masses, especially the ill. Cleansing pujas are very beneficial as it aids in quick recovery of illnesses. The more cleansing pujas one attend, the greater the benefit towards recovery.

Note:   All participants must attend the puja personally to receive the blessings and effectiveness of the puja. All are required to bring along a small amount of bathed water (water from your own shower) on that day for participation of the puja. There are also specific items that are required for this ritual and this can be invited at an offering of $10 per set at the puja.

Leng Chag Torma Puja to Repay Karmic Debts
Specially to repay karmic debts of past lifetimes, preventing/resolving supernatural harassment.

1/3/15 (Sun) 10:30am to 12:30pm

Since beginningless time, we have been trapped in this uncontrolled cyclic existence of samsara, and have undergone countless reincarnations. Although we are unable to recall what we did in our previous lives, it is certain that we must have committed many acts of greed and hatred out of our ignorance - which explains why we are still unable to be liberated from samsara. It is also certain that we must have accumulated many debts in all these lifetimes, ie. we could have owed someone a sum of money, or even a mere sack of rice, or in serious cases, we could have harmed others or caused their deaths.

When we do not repay such debts and they accumulate, these creditors may one day return to seek revenge against us, especially during times when we are experiencing low luck. They can cause us various obstacles, from illnesses to problems at work, sleepless nights, nothing seems to go smooth, or in worse scenarios, could be even fatal. Through the performance of this Leng Chag Torma Puja - by offering torma (ritual cake offerings) to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors, and together with the immaculate blessings by the Holy Speech of the Buddha’s texts, we purify the negative karma that we have accumulated over the reincarnations and pay off these incurred debts.

Note: Interested participants may invite the dough offering (to repay karmic debts) at $2 per set at the puja. You may also like to offer on behalf of your family or friends.

Five Dzambalas Wealth Congregating and Fortune Blessing Puja

Invoke wealth blessings of all directions for increase of positive conditions in work and dharma practice

1/3/15 (Sun) 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Five Dzambalas Blessing Initiation

1/3/15 (Sun) 7:30pm to 9:30pm

The five Dzambalas are the manifestations of the compassion of Buddha and Bodhisattvas to guide sentient beings along the path to enlightenment. They have the essence of generosity and represent the activities of increasing benefit.

In Buddhism, fortune and wealth refers to ‘merit’ - because everything good that we possess is established from merit. Every form of success, every piece of happiness, every kind of enjoyment can only be materialized should there be enough merit to support it. To have merit means to have wealth and assets; if there is no or insufficient merit, then one encounters many negative conditions and obstacles. Even in the Buddhist path, you also need to practise and fulfill both merit accumulation as well as karma purification to be able to attain Bodhicitta.

This wealth grand puja summons immense positive wealth energies upon the puja participants, and is a very effective method to invoke positive wealth energy of the universe and its inhabitants. Though getting rich is a result of one’s past actions, participating in such wealth-congregating pujas play a significant role in its own way to change the course of one’s financial situation. With a sincere motivation to accumulate merit, purify our negative karma, as well as make prayers for all sentient beings to be freed from all poverty and all sufferings, without doubt - one will certainly receive the vast blessings and protection of the five Dzambalas.

Note:   Interested participants, please feel welcome to bring along your wealth vases, fortune wands and amulets for recharge of wealth blessings and energies during the puja. Interested participants can invite the Namtose Wealth Incense.

Green Dzambala: Will enable all endeavors to be perfectly accomplished and purify all bad luck and obstacles, prevent theft, bad debts and loss of wealth.

White Dzambala: The compassionate manifestation of the Bodhisattva Chenrezig (Kuan Yin). By practising White Dzambala one can remove the suffering of poverty and sickness, purify non-virtuous karma and karmic obstacles.

Yellow Dzambala: By practising Yellow Dzambala, can remove poverty within the six realms, increasing virtues, life span and wisdom. All material and spiritual needs shall be met.

Red Dzambala: By practisng Red Dzambala, one can attract people, wealth and fame. One will enjoy wealth in abundance and shall be well respected and supported by people.

Black Dzambala benefits the poor and those in solitary retreat. If a person’s mind is always virtuous, Black Dzambala will always take care of him/her.

Wealth Deity Practice with the Correct Motivation
It is a common misconception to believe that one could obtain wealth by making offerings and reciting the mantras of wealth deities. The wealth deities in Buddhism have manifested as Protectors driven by the bodhicitta mind to benefit all beings. Hence should we wish to achieve success and wealth by engaging in their wealth practices, one should be driven by the positive motivation to benefit others, uphold the dharma, make offerings to the three jewels and the like. If it is solely for one’s own self benefit, we shall not be able to receive the blessings of the wealth deities despite extensive effort of practice. With pure motivation to benefit others, dharma practitioners shall receive boundless blessings and protection to achieve both material and ultimate prosperity.

Recently in Dec 2014, during the Jangchup Lamrim teachings bestowed by His Holiness Dalai Lama in Gaden Monastery, Dagyab Rinpoche and the people of Dagyab offered a long life offering to His Holiness.  It was an auspicious and joyous occasion. Here is the context. 

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