Friday, 10 August 2007

Will you still love me tomorrow?

Post National Day, a working friday. I took last minute half day off, to accompany my parents and kids again, because we rarely have the chance to go out together on a weekday. And at my parents' age, isn't this what they like, enjoying twilight years with kids and grandchildren? 享受天伦之乐. A pity sis and bro in law were not there.

Met them in Bugis, we went to V8 restaurant for western lunch. Simple western value-for-money set lunches. Then proceeded to Raffles City Shopping Mall because mom wanted to buy a cream from Robinsons. She bought a handbag and pants from Marks & Spencers instead. The kids were monkeying around as usual. They were happy enough we went to browse toys, hang out eating ice cream, watching the water fountain, looking at comics and books etc... and even went to the National Library to borrow books.

Sometimes I wonder..... I purposely took leave to bring the kids out now, to spend more time with them and trying hard not to spoil them. Rushing to do these stuff before they grow up too quickly. Although I'm not expecting anything.... but will they still remember me when they grow up, their old and possibly wobbly aunt by then? Will they take leave (day off) specially for me? Will anyone take leave specially for me?

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