Thursday, 9 August 2007

Chatterbox, shutterrrrrbox?

On National Day, my parents and I brought the kids to the Mandarin Hotel's Chatterbox restaurant for their very expensive local food. Mom ordered the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice at $23 per set. Father ordered the Curry Chicken Rice at $22 per set. I ordered the Nasi Goreng at $22 per set. The kids had Fish & Chips and Ham & Cheese sandwiches to share. Frankly I don't find any of the dishes that spectacular, even more so the famous Chicken Rice! And why was my Nasi Goreng without any chilli sauce, no sweet chilli nor sambal chilli! Maybe I should have ordered their Lobster Laksa at $29 instead? The add-on Ngoh Hiang was pathetic, I think my Mom's home made Ngoh Hiang was 100 times better with its crunchy water chestnuts and lots ingredients in the meat roll. AND the total bill at Chatterbox was enough to buy 50 packets of my favourite chicken rice from the market!

The kids, of course, were sold, especially after the Strawberry and Vanilla milkshake and Banana Split Ice Cream. My niece sms her mommy "Dear mommy, this hotel is very nice but a bit cold. We went to a restaurant called Chatterbox. The food here is very delicious." To which her mommy replied, "Nice that you are enjoying yourself but don't forget to come back for tuition at 2pm."


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