Sunday, 3 August 2008

One fine apple

My backache has been acting up again. I suspect it's the super uncomfortable chair in the office. So I have gone for massage twice in the last 10 days. Everytime when any masseuse touches me, they will exclaim my shoulder is so stiff. Anyway, I know it's good to have a massage, whether it's body massage or foot massage. It recharges our internal 'qi' (energy) and good for blood circulation. Ideally I would love to have a massage once a week, if it is affordable. Everytime I have a massage, I will sleep even better. When will I ever have the luxury of having a massage every other day?

Last week's session, I befriended a pretty therapist. She is Wendy from Hainan Island,China. I was impressed by her and any bad impression of the "dragon lady" (Singaporeans' nickname for women from China who are here to rip men off) disappeared. She has studied and worked here for the past 4 years, and she told me, she is just a normal person here to earn a decent living. In fact, her family is averagely well to do, and yet she did not depend on them on her stint here. She said she is aware of the reputation of her some of her counterparts here but not all the apples in the basket are rotten. She is hardworking and sincere in her work, and I did not detect any sign of her being "materialistic" and her work attittude is commendable. She is also soft spoken, compared the loud and rough ladies I have come across. Hope I will meet more people like her.

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