Sunday, 3 August 2008

Where's the thought?

The other day, before my appointment with a client, I was lunching in a foodcourt. Next to my table, I saw a middle-aged man with his mother, who was in a wheelchair, and another lady ( I assume she was the maid) having their lunch. The maid was feeding the elderly lady with a plate of rice. The elderly lady was coughing quite badly, amidst chewing her food. Then to my horror, the younger lady (or maid), she also started eating from the same plate of rice. They were sharing.

I was a little disgusted and perturbed, and many questions ran through my mind. Why did both the ladies have to share a plate of rice, when the man was tucking into his own plate of rice? Why didn't they buy the maid her own plate of rice, when she is supposedly taking care of a wheelchair-bound lady (and the maid definitely needs the energy)? As the elderly lady was coughing badly, did they think of the hygiene when they share the food, especially for the maid? What if the maid falls sick? Even if the elderly lady couldn't finish the food, they could have shared by transferring a portion of the food into another empty plate and different cutlery! AND they were also sharing the same bottle of mineral bottle! *faint* I was truly stumped and flabbergasted.

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