Thursday, 21 May 2009

The heaven on earth

Once upon a time, I thought I found heaven on earth, surrounded by lush green mountains and trees, and I could almost touch the clouds...
Here is Muju Resort, one of Korea’s most famous mountain peak ski resorts. But I was there during autumn, not winter. Hence no skiing.
Nonetheless it was a worthwhile stop-over for I stayed in a most luxurious 5-star hotel - Hotel Tirol - surrounded by the breathtaking view of Mount Deokyu National Park. Hotel Tirol had just opened its doors. It was famous for its unique Austrian atmosphere created by its authentic Austrian architecture and interior, and known as the "Little Alps" in Korea.Upon entering the hotel, the smell of Austrian Larch filled the place everywhere because of the wooden decor. No need for aroma oils or scents. Also, the wooden bed was very comfortable and the room was spacious. Each and every room in Hotel Tirol was adorned with Italian tiles and elegant house furnishing, creating very European feel. Staying here was a most beautiful experience.
Within the resort are restaurants, supermarkets, karaoke, arcades, an Internet cafe and a shopping center. The shopping street is a good place to take a stroll, which we did early in the morning. The famous Falla Coffee Shop was where the korean drama “Summer Scent” was filmed.

Another designation in that trip was where the most famous Korean drama "Winter Sonata" was filmed - Yongpyong Resort - another ski resort. We were brought to the filming site, a cafe, a souvenir shop, with all sorts of memorabilia. It was like a shrine dedicated to Winter Sonata. At that time, I know nuts about Winter Sonata and who were Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. However I did take some nice shots outside the place. I was more excited in staying at the Villa in Yongpyong Resort. It looked like a chalet in the midst of Mt Balwang. The Villa was too huge for 2 persons, with 1 bedroom, a bathroom, little kitchen and a living room. We slept on Korean style floor mattress and pillows. In the cold misty morning when we woke up, it was minus 3°C, the coldest of all the days we spent in South Korea. In the photo above top right, I was trying to snap 2 little icicles that had formed on the roof outside our Villa. Well, it was a "blur" attempt....

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