Wednesday, 1 July 2009


This is NOT an ad for Accessorize, the accessories store owned by Monsoon (I find those items in Accessorize, although nice, are definitely over priced. Recently found photos of some accessories I owned. I have a lot of accessories over the years. During different phases, I would be wearing different ones. However nowadays most are already in cold storage, as I hardly wear any, except for the occasional ring.

At one time, Dzi beads were so popular that many people were wearing it for luck or something nice, even celebrities in Mediacorp. Godbro and I were also interested. I eventually got this 21-eye Dzi bead. The 21 eye Dzi is believed to enhance the wearer's energy and natural magic power and it symbolizes the fulfillment of all wishes and promotes good reputation. It is supposed to enhance meditation level and to purify one's mind.

This purple crystal necklace was a farewell gift by an ex staff before she left the company. The StarLite pendant was given to me by my buddy Jess one Christmas. It was from RISIS. I got that wooden string pendant from Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. It's got the syllabus "OM" which is very auspicious and spiritual to me.

This square golden pendant was given to me by an ex-colleague. I wore it a few times. There was one period of time, I was crazy over chunky long necklaces. I bought this necklace with different stones and designs somewhere in Bugis, it was quite heavy too. Another time, clover was quite popular too, being a famous symbolic sign of good luck.
I liked this bracelet alot, with different plastic and wooden beads and it was very light. I bought it for $5 in some sale. I had this flowery suede bracelet since early 20s. It can also be a choker. At one time, I was wearing funny bohemian style stuff.

This bracelet of gold and brown crystals was made by mom. It was customised for my wrist and I like it alot. Mom made another bracelet which I felt looked very nice with silver and blue crystal.
Rings got to be my favourite accessory since they are easy to wear and slip off. And I love chunky rings. See the wonderful gold copper flower ring. I like to wear chunky rings on my index finger. The silver U-shape ring was supposed to have healing capabilities. I like another copper ring with a huge brown stone which I thought was quite classy. The feathery thing is actually a satchet as a necklace which I seldom wear. I only wore it once to a Xmas party, the theme was Cowboys & Red Indians and I was a Red Indian, haha.

Recently I would be spotted wearing this big red flower ring occasionally. Other than this, I actually seldom wear accessories because too lazy. I just wear a diamond bracelet and ring Mom bought for me and never take them off. And I am wearing an Agate (red stone) Star of David necklace all the time.

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