Monday, 29 June 2009

New media shiok ...

It has been a liberating 2 weeks ever since I went on the mobile data plan - a mere $13 a month for 30GB usage - practically "unlimited" to me. After 2 weeks, I only clocked about 140MB! It is so shiok to be able to access the web with my mobile phone ALL THE TIME or whenever I wish, compared to sitting in front of the laptop (less backache!). Now whenever/wherever I am eating or travelling or walking or even shitting, I can use my mobile phone to surf! And I love my phone Sony Ericsson C905 with its many features (although it is not as hardcore a smartphone compared to the high end ones like N97, Blackberry, Iphone...).

And thanks to Opera Mini (a mobile web browser), I can surf the net on my phone effortlessly. Although I can still surf traditionally using the Access Netfront browser in my C905, for certain sites, it is still a tad too slow to upload. So Opera is a breeze!

Some usual stuff I do on my phone:

1. Take photos
I can snap mind blowing photos whenever I want! Or to capture that sudden special moment. How I wish I had this kind of luxury when I was in school. And having the instantaneous ability to take great photos from a quality phone-camera is a plus plus plus.

2. Read blogs.
I already bookmarked in my phone many regular blogs I read. Great way to pass time outside while waiting. Now people may wonder why I am inside the loo for such a long time :D

3. Blogging.
I can blog with my phone but my posts are usually rather long so I have not got the hang of blogging from phone yet, otherwise next, I would be looking for fingers massage! LOL!

4. Twitter.
Whole new world of communicating in mere 140 characters. Had to try to be clear and concise (just make sure my proper English standard won't get affected with all the short forms and lingos). My friends are not on twitter yet so I am following other well-known celebrities/ bloggers/ strangers. I could never have imagined I could converse with some celebrities I like so easily, and following their daily schedules and thoughts. For example, I have Coco Lee, the fantastic singer with a powerful voice whom I dote, and I have Jewel, another singer I like and a few others etc.... I signed up for Twitter a long time ago but never really use it till recently. And I can take a photo on my mobile and post up Twitter via Twitpic immediately. Twitter is here to stay.

5. Facebooking
This is great as I can check updates on my FB anytime (although anything in FB may not be THAT urgent). Just a side note, I feel FB is getting weirder and weirder when someone you know added someone from your friend list (a stranger) but still have not added you.... request still pending.... hmmm... stumped.

6. First hand news
I get news from CNN, Reuters, NYTimes, Channelnewsasia, Straits Times instantaneously. Too much to read, too little time! Information overload!

7. MSN
I can MSN and chat with my friends on my mobile. So convenient, don't even need to talk on the phone anymore. For that matter, I have also installed Skype on my phone for overseas friends. No more excuse for being uncontactable?

8. Youtube
Downloaded the application for Youtube on my phone browser. Now I can view videos anywhere or listen to music or Dharma teachings while on the go.

9. Emails
I can check, write and send emails on the fly. No need to go home/office to check. No more excuse for being slow in response? In my course of work, I need to view many attachments, so it is useful to get immediate data and respond to clients immediately.

10. Google maps
I love this for the fact that I won't get lost anymore, with all the maps telling me where I am and providing me with the directions anywhere. Also especially I can search any timbuktu street in Singapore and anywhere in the world. I can also search for any eating place and I will get all the outlets addresses (hopefully they are updated).

The only one thing I don't do on my phone is playing games (WHERE GOT TIME??!). I let niece and nephew play the games once in a while. Even nephew volunteered to pay the $6 for me to purchase and download SIM 3 onto my phone... hmmm... wait I kena axed by the mommy.

So, now when I sit in front of my laptop, what else is there for me to do?

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  1. I am sticking to a book when travelling.... I have to curb my internet addiction.


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