Sunday, 28 June 2009

Chilli crabs, anyone?

We had some crabs given by aunt yesterday and got to enjoy chilli crabs today. We have not been buying crabs to cook at home for many years, perhaps a decade? First, it was too messy and leceh to prepare. Second, we didn't have the heart to kill the crabs in the first place, especially if they are still alive.
These were the small Indonesian crabs bought by aunt from Serangoon. They may be small but they were quite meaty and full of roe. Mom prepared the crabs while I didn't dare to look. I have told mom I would buy the chilli crab mix for her to cook the crabs. I bought the Prima Taste brand. Hmm... my aunt told us she only paid $10 for the 5 crabs but I spent $6 to buy the mix, something is not right, right? Haha.
Then mom got dizzy and confused reading the lengthy cooking instructions. So in the end I was the one frying the crabs (minus the shells) instead. After stir-frying the chilli sauce mix and adding water, I let the crabs cook with the lid covered, stirring them every other minute mixing them with the gravy. Then I added the shells on top and mixed them with gravy too. Finally I added the Chilli powder with water, the gravy instantly became starchy and drier. Then I added 2 beaten eggs. I even added a little ketchup to improvise. The whole wok of cooked crabs smelled so nice.
This was how the crabs looked like finally in 2 big bowls. A little too hot for kids, but we still finished everything. I just loved the roe inside the shell mixed with gravy and egg.Mom also cooked her signature curry chicken with potatoes. So, it was a hot hot hot hot Sunday lunch.


  1. Whoa, those chilli crabs looks absolutely mouth watering and that chicken curry, what can I say? I love chicken curry ...

  2. Yeah, I love chilli crabs... in fact crabs cooked in any manner! :D

  3. Mmm ... Chilli crabs! And Chicken Curry! Delightful foods :-)

  4. Rinaz
    Are u able to cook crabs or chicken curry in Rome?


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