Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New York New York

Finally I got this blogging issue settled. I should have been using the Draft version of Blogger when I had always been using the Beta version from day one. Well I did not see or receive any message from Blogger saying I can do otherwise until I hit a problem. I think that was not a nice gesture from the service provider, "ignoring not informing" users when necessary. How would I know Beta cannot be used anymore and that Draft should be the one I should use. When is the the Real version coming up then? Will I be informed by then? I guess not.

I also finally sent my laptop for servicing and have to wait a few more days. I just asked them to reformat my harddisk and replace my keyboard. I cannot be bothered to trial and error anymore. Waste of time. Now I am comfortably using my very basic netbook and exploring the new features of Blogger Draft version.

Anyway I was at New York New York over the weekend. Just passed by for a quick late lunch. Everywhere was crowded, especially the cafes nearby. So I had no choice.
This was not the first time I eat there but somehow I did not like the atmosphere. Maybe that outlet was too small and there were many diners too. However I like the wall murals, well, everything about New York. I was sitting facing a long limo.  Their menu was black which they called it the Little Black Book.

The ham sandwiches with salad and egg.

Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo with Fillet tasted just normal and a little bland. I think I prefer those from Delifrance.  

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  1. You could try ctrl + f5, it's the solution to blogger error ;)


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