Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Sometimes on Sundays, I will like these for my breakfast or brunch - Mee Rebus. This is traditionally a Malay dish.
The one in Parkway's Makan Parade selling Mee Rebus is non-Malay. A plate of this comes in this gigantic portion that 1 person cannot possibly finish the whole plate. It makes sense to share between 2 persons. Being big, of course the price is hefty too $3.70 each. Those selling in the hawker centre usually cost $1.50 to $2.00.

Apparently the rempah used to cook the sticky brown gravy is important, using many spices. And the ingredients they used to garnish the dish are yellow noodles, green chilli, fried tofu, hardboiled egg, shallots and spring onions. And lime is squeezed before you eat. This stall really piled all the ingredients in huge proportions. The gravy is sweetish yet spicy at the same time (from the raw and crunchy green chilli).

Sometimes for Sunday breakfast, I just like a simple fried black noodles mixed with beehoon). This is a plain dish of just noodles and bean sprouts but it takes skill to fry it right.  Many Singaporeans like this simple dish for breakfast because they come in small portion selling around $0.50 to $1.00.  Sometimes we can add some stir fried cabbage or fried egg, or sausage or luncheon meat to go with the noodles.


  1. Bee hoon noodle - my favourites but my cha-bo-lang doesn't allow me to eat too much cos it is oily~~

  2. Yes very comfort food. Oh some places the beehoon not that oily.


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