Thursday, 30 July 2009

Scallops Rice Burger!!!!

I've always like MOS Burger. So if it is near meal time and if I pass by MOS Burger, sure to give in. Never fail. :D

I was all ready to order my usual seafood rice burger or unagi rice burger when I saw the leaflet "SCALLOPS RICE BURGER!!!!"  This is a new item. I love scallops!! So I must try!  I always order rice burger because 1. it's the only fast food chain which sells rice burger  2. I'm a sucker for sticky rice  3. Rice burger looks smaller than normal burger, less guilty (like real), 4. I like MOS burger fries to go with their rice burger.

Tadah! Here is the real McCoy.  The scallops rice burger is piping hot and looks so juicy with loads of scallops in the shape of small balls, fried veggies and a slice of seaweed all nestled in between the rice burger and the nicest sauce dripping all over.  The whole combination is really juicy and enjoyable, although I wish the rice burger is not that bland. If the rice is more flavourful, it will taste nicer. It may look small, but it is quite filling (sticky rice, remember?)
When in MOS Burger, must not forget their fat french fries which are so very addictive. They come in smaller portion than the ones from McDonalds, but actually it is really filling because they are substantial mashed potato within. I can't finish my whole set meal.

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