Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Couldn't they have done it better?

The other day when I was in a service center, I saw posters from the Health Promotion Board, teaching people to take precautions in the light of the H1N1 flu epidemic.
While it was applaudable that the HPB do this to educate the public, I could not help but noticed the design of the posters/leaflets. Couldn't they have been better designed?

One was teaching you how to wash your hands the proper way so that we can control the spread of the disease. I felt the photos of each of the stages were just cut and paste pictures displayed in such an inelegant manner.

The other one was teaching you how to wear a mask. A similar display of cut and paste. And that lady, don't you think one eye was smaller than the other? I felt the designs were amatuerish, any layman who knows a little about Photoshop could do this. And the colour scheme used was so boring that I wonder how many people would actually bother to read the fineprint below.

Couldn't they have done it better?

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