Friday, 18 September 2009

If only....

One of the most high-profile local celebrity couple in Mediacorp, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, are having their traditional Chinese wedding on 29/09/09. Hence the TV station has produced a few parts of a wedding documentry for them leading to the big day.

Last night I saw the 1st part on TV where they were interviewed. One of the most touching moment was when Fann mentioned that Chris gave her a wonderful surprise visit by not just flying to Prague where she was filming a movie, but he also brought her parents along to see her as well.

When asked why he wanted Fann's parents to tag along with him, he said that since they are Fann's parents, they are also his parents. They too missed Fann. He felt that since the parents are still able, he should bring them travelling whenever possible. Chris mentioned he could not bring his own mother for travels, as her movements are restricted. His father has passed away a few months ago.  He was brimming with tears at that moment. It was touching how thoughtful he was towards Fann's parents. Maybe that was how he won her heart.

Anyway I agree and do feel strongly about bringing parents for tours when they are still alive and kicking. Often in most of my travel plans, I will include and bring my parents with me. Or sometimes I tag along with them whenever they feel like travelling.  I know many of my peers and younger friends may squirm and be embarrassed at the thought of having their parents with them during travels. And even more so when they get attached or married. It is no more travelling with parents, but rather with their girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse instead.  The main reason I always prioritise my trips with parents, is so that they may see more of the world when they are still alive. Old folks just love the thrill of travelling to any foreign land. Travelling with friends can wait till later, even though I know it may be more fun with friends.  Travelling with parents, I am usually more stressed as I need to look out for their safety, make sure they keep their money properly, make sure we give them a hand when climbing a mountain, make sure their luggage lock is working etc etc..., and yes, I am also the porter.  But still, I am glad that 75% of my travels, my parents were with me. By doing this, I believe and hope that I will have no regrets next time.

An ex-colleague, M, told me that many years ago, her father was diagnosed with advance stage of cancer. It was only then that she realised her siblings and herself had not been on even one single overseas holiday trip with their father. They planned a tour for her father and mother. During the trip, the father's condition worsened and they had to cut short their holiday to fly back. On the flight back, her father was already semi-conscious. After they landed in Singapore, her father was rushed to the hospital from the airport and passed away a few hours later. M's only sad and comforting thought was, she had fulfilled her father's wish.

"If only. Those two words must be the saddest words in the world." - Mercedes Lackey

Oh sorry for the sad tale. My heartiest congrats to Fann and Chris!!!

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