Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why I made my own pizza

It all started when I bought a pizza from the supermarket one of the days.
After baking it in the oven, it turned out to be quite dry and horrible. It was supposed to be mushroom pizza but the mushroom pieces were so sparse I hardly tasted mushroom! And the crust was hard, worse than cookies. I had to eat it together with some BBQ potato chips, otherwise, I would not be able to finish my dinner. After that unfortunate dinner, pushed to the limit, I decided to make my own pizza for the family!!!  I was also inspired by Karen Cheng's home-made pizza.
I decided to make 2 types: Hawaiian Pizza and Vegetarian Pizza. Cut some Ham into pieces, added some leftover bacon. Forgot to take photo of the pineapple cubes and the wheat Pita bread (which I used as the pizza base).  I bought both Mozarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese. Got the pasta sauce which was creamy tomato and mozarella flavour. I mixed the sauce with cheddar cheese, added some italian herbs and a pinch of salt. Hmm... I forgot to add some olive oil.
These are all the veggies I wanted to have for pizza - mushrooms, green capsicum, cherry tomatoes, and avocado (which I love!). Oh, I chopped some onions as well.
Then the fun began. Laying the ingredients. Applying the pasta sauce on the pita bread, then added all the ingredients for both types of pizza, and final touch topped it with mozarella cheese. They looked promising, eh? I am pretty greedy generous, so my toppings are always ALOT. I like a juicy pizza!
After heating the oven to 365 degrees, I let the pizzas baked for 10 minutes. Here is the Hawaiian Pizza. A pity all my Hawaiian Pizza photos were all blur! I did not know how good it tasted because I was not taking meat. But the family said it was quite nice, especially the kids love Hawaiian Pizza. All together I made 8 small pan-size pizzas, and each of us ate at least one pizza and slightly more.
Next my Vegetarian Pizza. It was very juicy alright, with the cherry tomatoes, mushroom, avocado and capsicum!  I loved it so much, that I would never buy frozen pizzas from the supermarket ever again. From now on, it will be me making my own pizzas! But I will never make my own pizza base lah, where got time?? Next time I am going to try using Naan as the base.
Made a special combination pizza for Mom - a mix of the Hawaiian and Vegetarian. Anyway, everyone shared the 2 types of pizzas. By the way, the pita bread was in its natural brown colour, ok, and not because it was burnt. :D
Last shot of my juicy pizza - a close up. It is such a breeze to make pizzas, as you can throw in whatever ingredients you fancy (or whatever you have in the fridge) onto the pizza. Just make sure you have the pizza base or bread on standby. No need to make the kitchen all dirty and oily with our wok-frying dishes. Pizzas are baked in the oven, so fuss-free and fast that it can replaces the instant noodles for now.
Oh, have you seen this pizza before? Someone actually used popular fast food as pizza toppings - a McDonalds Pizza!!


  1. Your pizzas looked so gooooood babe! Yummmy!

  2. Thank you! Next time I gonna lay the ingredients neater, haha!


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