Thursday, 24 September 2009

My quotable tweets

If you know me, you will know that I love to read quotable quotes by famous people. Sometimes I will RT (repeat tweet) them in Twitter. And at times I also like to write my own quotes as well, when I am inspired/ pissed/ despondent. Twitter makes it possible now that whenever I am in urgent need to write something, or get something off my chest, I can tweet about it immediately. Below are some of my very own humble little quotes/ tweets/ ramblings. They may not be in perfect English, as the words came out on the spur of the moment.

Even if memories fail, we can't erase the past. Even if we recall the past, they are but memories.

People can misunderstand you, avoid you, resent you, hate you, but you have given your all. There is nothing wrong in giving from the bottom of your heart.

How to tell someone that "it will not last"? Just like the Great One tried to tell us, "it will not last".

Joy is sighting pink lotus flowers growing in abundance reminiscent of the heavenly mandala of the great ones

Having a kind heart comes from action and empathy for others, and not from empty words and promises

The crisp cool morning air embraces your soul and body and mind

It feels like christmas today in this melting pot, with a tinge of wintry air

Go for the passion, not the money. Otherwise, it's soul-less

Spoken words and action should always be consistent. Otherwise it's contrived rather than convincing.

Without doubt, go with your heart. When in doubt, feel with ur heart. Better treat your heart with care because it's yours, not someone else's

Take off your coloured lens. See things in their natural light. Are you biased?

When one only hears himself and put himself on the pedestal, it's not surreal, it's unreal because others are not in the picture

Happiness is when the huge mountain of a zit on the nose erupts  like a beautiful volcano and becomes flattened land within 24 hours  :D

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