Thursday, 1 October 2009

G8 Snack Cafe

I have passed by this little shop in Ubi selling snacks a few times. It occupies half of a normal shop unit and the shop name is called G8 Snack Cafe.  I am amazed at the variety of items it is selling and there are about 3 small tables outside for "dine-in" customers.
All the walls of the shop are filled with photos of all the snacks they are selling - they probably have at least 60 items on the wall - 20 different types of bubble tea, 20 different types of other drinks like lychee bubble tea, milo dinosaur etc.., at least 8 types of burgers, few types of pancakes and waffles, and 9 types of french fries done in different flavours. In addition they have those normal titbits and sweets and soft drinks. Looking at all these snack items, it is mind boggling. A couple is manning the shop and they are pretty busy all the time, as they have students from nearby schools patronising them. Also, I noticed they have competition too, just opposite their shop is another bigger bubble tea shop selling mostly bubble tea and few other snacks. I wonder how this shop cope with the competition and the crowd and if they can make money.
One day, I was with someone, and passing by this shop, we decided to have a snack.  We shared a waffle with vanilla ice cream (they have another in chocolate flavour). The piece came in ready cut 4 quadrant pieces and they were crisp and nice. Really not bad for a small snack shop in the heartland.

We also ordered the Spicy Cheesy Fries. It came drenched with melted cheese and chilli powder. Wow the powder made the fries very spicy indeed. The fries were more of soft rather than crispy because of the cheese, but they were shiok. There are 9 other flavours which I would like to try next time, like Wasabi Fries, Seaweed Fries and Teriyaki Fries! Now why do the high-class restaurants and fast food outlets usually only serve one type of regular fries?
I also had the longan bubble tea, which came generously with 6,7 longans and other ingredients at the bottom. Really not bad. Each snack item costs between $0.50 to $3.50. I was just totally impressed and blown away by the variety of choice the shop offers. During peak hours when students knock off school, the queue can be quite long and you may have to wait at least 10-20 minutes. But I feel we should support small ventures like this if the food is good and passable, because it is tough for small-time owners.

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