Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Makan, anyone?

Some dishes I cooked recently, as I did not have much time to try out new dishes. Actually I need not be the cook but sometimes I do it for the fun of it and to de-stress.

My usual Sweet & Sour Fried Eggs which is child-friendly. My niece likes it. After the eggs were fried individually, I prepared the sauce with a combination of pasta sauce, char siew sauce, vinegar, ketchup and sugar. Stir fried chopped onions and garlic in hot cooking oil till fragrant and added the mixed sweet sour sauce and lastly threw in some cherry tomatoes. Then pour the sauce onto the fried eggs. Very appetising.

I called this dish Chicken In Char Kway Teow Sauce. I happened to have some char kway teow sauce and pork lard which was meant for char kway teow of course. So I used it for a chicken dish. Cutting chicken fillet into cubes, I also added green capsicum, some roasted nuts and sesame seeds, and chopped spring onions as garnish. It was a slightly sweet-savoury dish and it reminded me a little of the taste of Kung Pao Chicken.

This is another chicken dish, called Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce. I simply stir fried chicken cubes in teriyaki sauce with some radish or gourd (I do not know the name) that is normally used for soups. Kids loved it. Unfortunately because of my temp vegetarian diet,  I did not know how my chicken dishes tasted.

I tried this dish - Black Bean Okra (Lady's Fingers) - courtesy of Kim Ong.  It was an easy dish using Lee Kum Kee's black bean sauce, although my method was slightly different from Kim's. I chopped some garlic and onions and stir fried them in hot oil before adding in the cut lady's fingers to stir fry a little. Added a little water and the black bean sauce and left to simmer for a while till the lady's fingers are soft yet still retaining a little crunch. Quite nice but must be mindful not to add too much sauce, otherwise it might be too salty.

One of my favourite veggies again - Kang Kong in Fermented Beancurd Cubes. I stir-fried the kang kong using the fermented beancurd cubes (which we usually eat as a condiment with plain porridge). With a little water the cubes were dissolved and I liked the taste of the  fermented beancurd paste (or pickled tofu) with the crunchy veggies. In Teochew it is called "hoo joo".

Typical vegetarian dish of Braised Tau Kwa, Tau Pok (Fried Beancurd and Fried beancurd Skin) and Mock Intestines. Wonderful with plain white rice and the braised gravy.


  1. Wow they sure look yummy. Good job!! ;) Yeah, next time I shd add onions too in my okra. Can never go wrong with onions / garlic / ginger (ginger not for okra though).

  2. that looks realy yummy :D
    i know tommorow ill would visit our eastern restaurant again... when iam see that i cant wait anymore...


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