Saturday, 3 October 2009

The full moon without

Had a relaxing Mid-Autumn Festival, no particular celebrations. Anyway, there was no moon tonight because everywhere was raining or cloudy. Like @MissLoi tweeted.... "It's 窗前没月光 tonight". Haha, cute.  In the evening, as usual, went for puja. Today was one of the series of many large-scale important pujas to avert calamities and to pray for the victims of the recent earthquake disasters, as well as for our own obstacles to be removed and wishes to be actualized. 

It was actually wonderful weather the entire day as the skies looked like they were going to break into a storm, hence no sun and not hot. But it did not rain until just after I reached the centre for the puja at 6 plus in the evening. When I started to make offerings, it started to pour, quite heavy about 7pm.  Before the puja started at 7.30pm, I tweeted saying "It's raining cats and dogs now but I am sure it will stop later. Wanna bet?"  No one took up the bet as the skies did not looked promising. Shortly after the puja started, the heavy rain stopped.  Hohoho, I knew it. I do not know whether it was raining in the other parts of Singapore, but at where I was, it stopped raining alright. As I have mentioned many times before, whenever we were in a midst of a puja, the rain could come before or during the puja, but never never continue immediately after the puja. Always after the puja, the rain would have stopped. Rain signifies blessings (sort of an  "acknowledgement") from the Buddhas.  So, you see, I never once had to use my umbrella when on the way home, even though it might be a wet rainy day. What more so today, a special day.

 Did you had a wonderful 八月十五?

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