Friday, 9 October 2009

Rumblings at dawn

I got up pretty early today, at around 6am. Got awakened by dreams again. Funny how that sounds. It was not a nightmare but woke up and realised, my god, I dreamt of the same person for like 5, 6 nights consecutively, all in different stories and scenario. Always the person seemed to be in a pathetic, pitiful situation and was trying to say something to me. And always in the dream, I did not seemed to understand exactly what that person was trying to tell me. I know that person in real life is having helluva wonderful time right now. Why should I be bothered? 

I tend to be overly concerned at times. But I have learned from experience, never be too overly, anxiously concerned if the person does not even appreciate it at all. Worse, you get the brunt of their vehement reaction. Sometimes the truth hurts but if what you say is not going to be welcomed with open arms, then silence is golden. It is sort of an awakening realisation.  Kinda sad to me because I have always been upfront, or prefer to be frank, if that person is close enough for me to be concerned with.

Twitter was down last night. It gave me time to sit back and to do /read other stuff. Sometimes when I read the things people write online, in their blogs or twitter or anywhere, it speaks volumes of their character. It may be wrong to assume but how wrong can it be. Online persona can be so fake and so real at the same time. It brings to mind ill-bred upbringing when the language used and the manner it was used was so brutally impudent and offensive. It makes me wonder what sort of background the person had to go through in his/her early years. I wonder is that how youngsters talk and write these days. I dread to be in the shoes of their parents, to know that my son/daughter is living life as such, spewing vulgarities. It reminds me of the naive mentality.... "I want to be famous, and I don't care if it is because of something bad". To me it is infamy at its worst. I dread to even think how such a persona is influencing other younger readers in their virtual and real lives. Bad vibes.

Sometimes, because of that little "fame", these very people think they are very smart, they have a very high IQ, their school results were impressive, and they are earning big bucks in whatever they are doing online, but that does not mean that you have to exude low EQ. They are too smart for their own good. We can be nice and kind too, no matter how well-known you are online, without using rude and unkind words /behaviour. The thing about earning online revenue is, it may not last. One fine day, you will grow older and your appeal may not attract the young ones anymore. Good times do not last, unless you come from a rich family background, or you have other talents, otherwise, good luck to you. Then again, it is none of my business to be concerned, since they are strangers to me, and not someone close.  I know some fellow bloggers who are extremely talented, yet they are nice and professional, and that is the spirit.

Well, all I can say is, one particular person just closed the door to a potential big advertiser.  Criteria not met.   


  1. Seems like we have the same prob. this morning. I woke up before dawn and I decided to write.

    Online persona.. Not me right?! I don't sell anything online!

  2. Haha, of course not you lah, HB!
    You are one of those more mature and friendly bloggers. The ones I meant are more notorious. :D


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