Saturday, 13 March 2010

Eating zombie

I've been real busy, hanging out with people that I didn't have much time to blog.  I have even lost my zest to cook ! Need to build up momentum again, kind of 'lembek' from the stuff to do.

In the meantime, homecooked dishes are the best, whipped up by mom. 
1. Assam Stingray
2. Stir fried Beansprouts
3. Tang Hoon (rice vermicelli) with beancurd sticks, mushroom and pork slices (very shiokalicious!)
4. Tomato Prawns (I cooked this and eventhough I accidentally poured too much rice wine, it still tasted good)

When I hanged out with people, we usually ended up taking western food or desserts most of the time. Here's the Wasabi Fried Chicken with the usual servings of salad and chips. The portion was huge that I could not finished it. The wasabi sauce added punch on the otherwise normal fried chicken.

This is Mud Pie with Ice Cream and a sea of chocolate sauce.  The mud pie was really really really too sweet for my liking. I preferred the ice cream and wafer dipping into the choc sauce instead.

This was when I was very very very hungry, while I was on an one-meal a day routine.  I had ordered the seafood platter, with fried fish, prawns, and chicken, with salad and chips.  Taken at about 3pm, it was my only meal that day and it lasted me till the next morning (so proud of myself!). Hehe!! 

This was Teriyaki Chicken Pizza with thin crust. I prefer thin crust because pizza is usually very filling with thicker base.

My taste for coffee varies from time to time. Sometimes it's Mocha, sometimes it's Latte, sometimes it's Black Coffee, sometimes it's Kopi-C Siew-Tai. Sometimes, it's just hot tea. It all depends on my mood, so long I get a cuppa. I'm so glad I'm slowly weaning off the addiction to coffee though, because I do not want to be an insomniac at night.  ;D 

And sometimes I just want something light, like 2 slices of Kaya Toast, with 2 soft boiled eggs (sprinkled with dark soya sauce and a dash of pepper) and a cuppa Kopi-C, ala-Killiney Kopitiam or Yakun-style.

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